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Logan Botanic Garden

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[captions] [logo] Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh at Logan
A garden where plants from the southern hemisphere thrive.
Madeiran rowan, Sorbus maderensis, one of the rarest trees in the world
Magnolia sapaensis, vulnerable in the wild
Logan is a safe place for hundreds of threatened species
[plant label] Rhododendron kanaehirae, Conservation status: extinct in the wild
The Aeonium border, many species are vulnerable in the wild
Butia capitata, probably the most northerly planting on the planet
The Logan Conservatory, home to especially tender plants from South Africa, including a collection of pelargoniums
Coastal tree broom, Chordospartium muritai, found only in New Zealand...critically endangered in the wild...conserved at Logan
Logan Botanic Garden, plant conservation in Scotland, for the world

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