Big Picnic Stories


Donna is passionate about food and has spent years creating and working in environments where people can learn to cook, producing healthy affordable meals.



Sean tells us about challenges around his son's dietary preferences and solutions through community cooking classes.


How can you survive in bed and breakfast accommodation when you only have a kettle? Constantine tells us all about it.


Various challenges in Majid's life from Iran to Scotland highlight possible impacts of limited dietary choices.


Jacek shares his experience after he left the Polish army of the kindness of people in Athens who helped him and the first experience of eating seafood there.


Benson shares memories of sharing food from his Kenyan upbringing and how sharing food here has helped him overcome homelessness in Scotland.

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Irene tells us how important food has been to her throughout her life, starting with post-war rationing, her love of fresh food and her concerns about food waste.


'Resistance is Fertile' Jenny tells us how her experience living on a remote island highlighted the value of local food production and how she has enjoyed growing her own vegetables in the city.


'More Soylent Green Anyone?' Alan talks about being Vegan for 30 years, his reasons for it, its challenges, and why we all might be vegan in the future...